Mahindra KUV100 – All About Practicality

Nothing is as exciting as to see a car that is completely new built from ground up. Since a new car launch these days will mostly be a facelift or a new body on an existing engine and an existing platform. KUV100 is one such exciting new car. The engine, platform, design everything is new.

While the front has SUV inspired design, the rear end is a typical hatchback. Those evoquesque headlamps look nice but at the same can’t help thinking it’s a bit overdone. The curves and lines on the side could’ve have been much simpler. But that’s not important.

What’s important is the all new mFalcon family of engines that KUV100 features. The 1.2l Petrol produces 82bhp @ 5500RPM and 115Nm of torque @ 3500-3600RPM. The 1.2l turbocharged diesel unit produces 77bhp @ 3750rpm and 190Nm of torque @ 1750-2250RPM. Both mated to 5-speed manual. The diesel impressed us with its 190Nm of torque which is available as low as 1750rpm, petrol didn’t disappoint as well. The engine is very refined and the 82bhp of power feels just perfect for a car of this segment. The 5 speed manual has short throws and does its job very well.

One more important thing to talk here is the practicality of the KUV100. There’s lots of space not just for humans but for storing things as well. Space under the seat, space under the floor, space in the door, space everywhere. Lots of knee room, lots of headroom. The 6 seater version may not be convincing to many but trust me it does help in those rare occasions and when you’re not using it, it becomes a comfortable arm rest. The positioning of the gear lever perhaps takes a while getting used to but by no means it’s uncomfortable. Another thing that’s impressive is the quality of materials used for a car of this segment. The dashboard looks and feels nice, the instrument cluster feels nice. Overall, the build quality is quite impressive.

Talking about the safety, ABS + EBD is standard across the model range and airbags are available in +(plus) variants of the 7 trims and for K8 trim, airbags comes as standard. Infact the K6 and K8 trims have impressive amount of feature list. Now if all of your friends have either Swift or i10 and if you always wanted something different, then perhaps this is the one that you want.

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