Mercedes-Benz secures second tender in Poland for 60 city buses


After supplying 80 Conecto buses for the Polish capital in June 2017, Mercedes-Benz has secured another tender to supply 60 Citaro city buses for Wroclaw Transport Services.

The Citaros are being built at the EvoBus plant in Mannheim and will be delivered to Wroclaw by February 2018. This is the second major tender for Mercedes from Poland in a short time.

Mercedes-Benz city buses have been operating on the streets of Wroclaw since 2008. The municipal transport operator’s fleet now includes over 100 Citaro buses. In 2018, 60 new units will be added, 20 of them as solo bus and 40 as articulated buses with room for over 145 passengers. All the vehicles meet the latest Euro VI emissions standard while offering excellent fuel economy along with very low exhaust emissions, added the company.

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