Old video of Tesla Semi mule now discovered

An year old unlisted video of a possible Tesla Semi mule disguised as a regular diesel truck has now been discovered. The official unveiling has been postponed multiple times, and is now scheduled for November 16th.

Watch the video from 1:20 onwards, and its clearly an electric truck. The take off is smooth and instant. Although there is an ICE engine start sound at the beginning of the video, it is most likely to power the compressor for the air brakes. Notice the battery pack behind the cabin.

The same user has posed another video recently (appears to be shot on the same day), which shows the truck accelerating from a standstill rather quickly.


The truck in this spy photo is nearly identical to the one seen in the video. Don’t miss the battery pack. This photo is cleverly-confusing because it makes you think that the middle one is the Tesla Semi with detached wind deflector. Spy pic source.

More confusing is the Elon Musk’s response. Guess we’ll have to wait for the official unveil.

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