Yaana dreams big with bicycle rentals


Few Bengaluru-based techies have founded Yaana – a GPS-enabled bicycle rental service that calls for a green movement. Currently the service is available at the GKVK Campus (University of Agricultural Sciences), for students and staff, priced at Rs 5 per hour.


The user will have to download the app and after completing the registration formalities, scan the QR code on the bicycle to unlock. Parking needs to be done only at the designated locations to end the ride, and lock it manually.

The UAS-B campus which is spread over 1,300 acres has 4 spots to park the bikes.

Abhishek Dambal, one of the founders of Yaana, said, “The distance between my office and home was just two kilometres but it used to take half an hour to reach by a two-wheeler. I thought of doing something to reduce the time spent in traffic.”

Yaana hopes to expand the service to other campuses as well in the future.

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