Amazon ships F1 racing clutch to BMW M3 customer


We all have faced goof-ups by eCommerce companies isn’t it? From completely different item to missing quantities, they’ve done it all. A popular eCommerce website once favored the seller who sent me only one quantity instead of two, even after providing the proofs.

Anyways, here’s an interesting one. A BMW M3 customer in the United States was facing troubles with the clutch and was advised to change it ASAP. He orders a replacement ZF Sachs clutch kit from Amazon, and when the package arrives, it was all surprises.

Obviously, it was a different one. He heads over to M3 online forum for help, only to discover that the clutch he received was a Formula 1 racing clutch and not for his BMW M3 road car.


Here’s a ZF Formula 1 racing clutch that looks very similar. It can handle up to 900 Nm of torque and can bear high operating temperatures of up to 400°C for short time. These clutches are much smaller than the ones used for road car applications. Notice the marker placed in front of the clutch (featured photo) for comparison.

These racing clutches are not sold to the public, which means an F1 team somewhere may be missing an important component. Does it also mean that there is a thief in that F1 team?

More than anything else, the most interesting part here is that the racing clutch the buyer received is worth a lot of money, way more than he spent.

Source: M3Forum, ZF

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