Nissan ships mother’s milk to help travelling employees


Nissan is happy to announce that the company is helping its employees who are new mothers and are travelling on business, by shipping the breast milk to the baby.


The company has tied up with Milk Stork, the only breast milk shipping company in the US, which sends packing materials and a pharmaceutical-grade cooler ahead of time, so that the supplies are available to the mother when she arrives at her destination.

The cooler contains an internal mechanism that, once activated, keeps its contents chilled for up to 72 hours. Once ready to ship, the employee can drop the cooler off at the hotel front desk or any FedEx shipping location to be shipped overnight to their baby. The shipping expenses are covered by Nissan.


The father can then feed the baby on behalf of the mother. Nissan Alliance of Parents (NAP), an employee-led resource group at Nissan North America, proposed the mother’s milk shipping idea.

Nissan has also provided mothers’ pumping rooms, with mirrors to ensure clothes are back on properly, and magnetic white boards to display baby pictures. Also, the pregnant employees get to park directly in front of the headquarters entrance with a special pass.

Nissan Group employs about 22,500 people throughout the US and Canada, including major operations in Arizona, California, Michigan, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas and Ontario.

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