Bosch’s scalable electric powertrain for CVs aims to reduce CO2

Bosch electric powertrains for commercial vehicles and delivery vans

The online retail is a booming business globally. In Germany alone, more than 10 million packages are sent everyday and according to Deutsche Post, a single package leads to 500 grams of CO2 emissions.


For 10 million packages, that roughly equates to emissions from a car driving around the earth 500 times – every single day.

Bosch says they have a solution. The company has come up with new electric powertrains that are suitable for delivery vehicles. These vehicles handle last-mile deliveries from distribution centers to recipients. The stop-and-go traffic is one area in which electric vehicles are particularly efficient, because they can recuperate the energy from constant braking, which increases their range.

Also, any driving bans in the city centers would not affect electric fleets. According to PwC, for 61 percent of Germans, whether an online retailer makes deliveries with electric vehicles is a key criterion in their choice. Since the EVs make less to almost no noise, the recipients can accept the package late in the evening.

“Bosch is bringing e-mobility to where it really makes sense – urban deliveries.” – Dr. Markus Heyn, member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH

Bosch-eCityTruck-powertrain-eAxleThe eAxle combines motor, power electronics, and transmission to form one compact unit

The company has two versions of eCityTruck powertrain: one with a transmission and one without. The above is called eAxle which is a compact packaging of motor, power electronics and transmission.


Dubbed as “start-up” powertrain, the eAxle can be adapted to many types of vehicles. According to Bosch, the modular powertrain can deliver between 50 to 300 kilowatts, and is also capable of powering SUVs. Torque at the vehicle axle can range from 1,000 to 6,000 Newton meters.

Since its a compact unit, it can be mounted either at the front or the rear axle, for a fully electric or a hybrid vehicle, and the manufactures can utilise their existing platforms and save development costs.

Bosch Electric Drive Module

The second one is an Electric Drive Module where the electric motor and power electronics are attached to one another forming a compact unit. This module is scalable too, and can produce up to 180 kW and 540 Nm of torque. Bosch says that the unit is suitable for LCVs up to 7.5 tons.

The start of mass production is planned for 2019.

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