Tesla Model 3 receives 5% more peak power over-the-air


Tesla has started rolling out software updates for the Model 3, and the release notes for the firmware 2019.8.2 includes an increase of vehicle’s peak power by approximately 5%, which is claimed to improve acceleration and performance.

Tesla Model 3 software update 2019 firmware 2019.8.2 release notes22marks via Reddit

The updates also include the ability to move the Model 3 in and out of a parking space via key fob (Summon), Sentry Mode, Blind Spot Chime, and Auto-Folding Mirrors based on the location. However, its not clear whether the power upgrade has been rolled out for all Model 3 variants or only for the Dual Motor AWD Performance variants.

Except the acceleration and top speed figures, Tesla never really mentioned the Model 3’s power and torque figures, not even in the owner’s manual. According to the EPA data, the aforementioned AWD variant packs a 147 kW motor at front and another 211 kW one at the rear. However, the combined output of those two motors might be slightly lesser. A 5% peak power boost would mean an increase of not more than 25 hp.

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