Tesla Model 3 – now available with mid-range battery


If the price of the Model 3 was holding you back, you might be able to purchase it now. Tesla has added the mid-range battery variant for $45,000.

Tesla Model 3 mid-range battery rear wheel drive

As before, there is a Rear-Wheel Drive, Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive and a Performance variant. The RWD is now offered with a mid-range battery that is good for an estimated range of 260 miles or about 418 km.

The aforementioned $45,000 is without adding any options and before federal tax credit & estimated gas savings. When you add all the options available, including Red multi-coat paint finish, 19-inch sport wheels, black & white interior, and enhanced autopilot, your purchase price would be $55,000.

The Dual Motor AWD variant with long-range battery costs $54,000 without options and before any savings. With all options added, you’ll be paying $64,000.

The Performance variant costs $64,000. When you add all options available, the purchase price would be $77,500 which is before federal tax credit & estimated gas savings.

Controversial move
Tesla seems to have removed the ‘Full Self-Driving Capability’ option which previously cost $3,000. Check the aforementioned link.

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