How We Write

Here’s a brief overview on how to understand the website

The daily news/information posts are categorized depending on what we are writing about. The category is displayed on top of the article’s title.

For example, if we’re writing news or any information about a car, it’ll be categorized as ‘Cars’ as shown in the screenshot above. Minivans will be categorized as ‘Minivans’, Trucks as ‘Trucks’ and Commercial Vehicles as ‘Commercial Vehicles’; you get the idea. The two-wheeler segment will have its own category, obviously. Any official general news from a carmaker or news that’s related to the automotive industry, will be categorized as ‘Industry/Official’.

The BEVs, HEVs, FCEVs will also fall under the aforementioned Cars, Minivans, Trucks or CV categories, but will have ‘Electric Vehicles’ or ‘Hybrid Vehicles’ tag under the post, for example, so that the user can click on the tag and read all the related news.

Any information regarding modified vehicles will fall under the ‘Modified Stuff’ category. The Editor’s opinions on something will be categorized as ‘Editorial’. A photo gallery post will have a ‘Gallery’ category and any informative videos will be under the ‘Videos’ category. Sponsored post? Yes, it’ll too have its own category displayed on top of the title.

These days, the word “Review” is being thrown around loosely. Some people simply refer to a news or information post as a “review”. But here, any vehicle reviews will be specifically categorized as a ‘Review’. If a post is not categorized as a ‘Review’, it’s simply an information post. Again, a review video will mandatorily have the word review in its title, until then it’s not a review. A review will be categorized as a review only after we spend some time with the vehicle in-person, and of course, have thoroughly driven it.

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