Renault – Are you Kwidding me?!

We Indians are obsessed with SUVs. You see, Indians admire people who drive SUVs. They tend to give way to them very easily when they see one in their mirrors. For Indians, SUVs somehow define the “status”, “power” etc. But what sells in India however, are hatchbacks. So, there is a problem here. Some tried to solve this by launching a “cross” version of their popular hatchbacks. But the sales figures don’t really impress anyone.

Renault after the huge success of the Duster, decided to address this issue. What they came up with stunned the Indian automotive industry and gave sleepless nights to the competition.

Yes, I’m talking about the Kwid. It’s unbelievable that everyone I know is talking about it and researching about it on the internet. Especially, that mouth-watering price. The Kwid as you might already know is powered by an 800 cc (799 actually) engine that produces about 54 hp and 72 Nm of torque. What’s so special about this vehicle is its stance of an SUV from the front. The rear-end is nothing but a humble hatchback. It looks stunning, especially in red.

Of course, there are some cost cuttings here and there but better than the competition. The plastics look and feel better, it drives better, the infotainment system on the top-end trim is the same one you get on the duster. I only wish Renault had added all four power windows on the top trim. So, will this knock-off the king of the segment Alto from its throne? Only time will tell you this. And yea, Kwid has already crossed more than 25,000 bookings.

Price – 2.57 lakh (STD variant, Ex-Delhi)

The top of the line trim RXT (O) variant with driver-side airbag costs just 4.4 lakhs on-road in Bengaluru.

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