Apple to start training its drivers on autonomous tech


Its no secret that Apple has been working on self-driving cars, so far, there have been just rumours but no evidence. Recently, Business Insider obtained documents from California DMV, which reveals Apple’s plans to train its drivers on autonomous tech, mainly on how to intervene and take manual control.


It is required under California law to train the drivers on how to override an automated system before hitting public roads. Apple calls it “Apple Automated System” in the document. As per the documents, individuals one at a time, will sit on a gaming-rig like setup with Logitech wheel and pedals to actuate drive by wire.


Another document reveals a total of 7 tests – low speed driving, high speed driving, tight u-turn, sudden steering input, sudden acceleration, sudden braking and conflicting turn signal and action. These tests will train the drivers on how to take manual control.

apple-autonomous-testing-documents (1)

One of the training plan involves a tight u-turn, where the drivers are expected to ensure the vehicle stays within the course while maintaining 15 mph.

Reportedly, Apple has three Lexus RX450h SUVs equipped with autonomous tech, and has applied permit for six drivers to drive.

Source: BI

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