Indian Government is not interested in Hybrids

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Come 2030, you’ll only see all-electric cars on Indian roads. That magic is gonna happen in just 13 years, believes Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal.

At a recent FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) event, the minister said that the world is moving towards electric vehicles and the government is working on a road map to ensure all-electric car fleet in the country.

With regards to the questions on high 43% tax on hybrid cars, the minister says that the hybrid cars cut down the fuel consumption only a “little bit”, and the government wants to promote only electric vehicles.

“Only electric car by 2030…existing cars may take a little longer to replace. But the government is working on a framework to see what we can do on promoting electric vehicle.

Niti Aayog is currently tasked with preparing futuristic vision for electric vehicles”, he added.

On hybrid cars, he said, “It reduced fuel consumption a little bit but the future is all electric cars. I had also recommended to the finance minister that it is not advisable for an intermediate technology which reduces the fuel consumption by a little bit but otherwise that is not the future, the future is all electric cars.”

The funny thing here is that the minister believes that the lobby for hybrid cars is because those companies don’t have electric cars! “It is a campaign being run by those companies who don’t have electric vehicles. These companies have come to me also to convince not to oppose hybrid cars. The world is moving towards electric vehicles and the country would promote electric vehicles.”

With all due respect, minister, even our metropolitan cities don’t have proper power supply yet, let alone charging infrastructure. We are not generating enough electricity yet, and most of the energy is still produced by fossil fuels. Sure, the world is moving towards electric and the future might belong to the electric vehicles, but until we get there, we need hybrids.


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