Tata Hexa compared with Jeep Compass


Apparently, Tata Motors has taken a dig at the recently launched Jeep Compass by comparing it to the Hexa. Two images have surfaced online, where in the first image the Indian carmaker says “Takes (Hexa) you anywhere no compass required”, and the other one is a list of comparisons.


Not sure if Tata Motors actually published this one. The image above says, “the Tata Hexa beats the Jeep Compass on most counts and leads the way for the rest of the competition. There, we said it.”


In this image, Hexa XT variant has been compared with the top-spec Jeep Compass Limited variant. The comparison points out that the Hexa has a bigger engine and output figures, offers automatic in both petrol and diesel variants, has more seats, rain sensors, sunroof, ambient lighting and few more features. It goes on to show the “benefits” as well. Ultimately, the comparison wants us to know that the “Hexa offers more for less money”.

It is interesting to know how Jeep responds to this. What’s more interesting is that both Fiat and Tata are partners when it comes to manufacturing in Ranjangaon, near Pune. I suppose this is a nice “friendly” dig 😉

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