Toyota, Mazda and Denso join hands for electric vehicles


Two Japanese car makers Toyota and Mazda along with the Toyota-owned components maker Denso, have signed a contract to jointly develop basic structural technologies for electric vehicles.

The three companies have also established a new company EV C.A. Spirit Co., Ltd., consisting of selected engineers from all the three, to ensure an efficient implementation of the JV projects.

The official statement said that this move is to comply with the stringent emission norms and environmental regulations around the world, while ensuring a sustainable growth of the companies. Electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles are a key in this process.

With EVs yet to find widespread market acceptance, the huge investments and time required to cover all markets and vehicle segments is a pressing issue for individual automakers when responding to the widely varying demand for vehicles around the world, said the statement.

The basic structural technologies for EVs will cover a wide variety of vehicle segments from mini vehicles to passenger vehicles, SUVs, and light trucks, and aims to innovate the development process by combining the strengths of each company, including Mazda’s bundled product planning and prowess in computer modeling-based development, Denso’s electronics technologies, and the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform.

The companies also aim to create a business structure that is open to participation by other automakers and suppliers.

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