BMWs will have Android Auto from mid-2020


BMWs will finally have Android Auto starting in mid-2020. A live demo will happen at the CES 2020 in January before rolling out for all vehicles with BMW Operating System 7.0 from July 2020.

Drivers can connect their Android smartphones wirelessly to access the technology. Android Auto is integrated directly into BMW’s fully digital cockpit, enabling the driver to view all the necessary information not only in the instrument cluster but also in the Head-Up Display. The technology includes Google Assistant services as well.

Many of our customers have pointed out the importance to them of having Android Auto inside a BMW for using a number of familiar Android smartphone features. We will offer this service to our customers starting in July 2020. – Peter Henrich, Senior Vice President Product Management BMW

We are excited to work with BMW to bring wireless Android Auto to their customers worldwide next year. – Patrick Brady, Vice President of Engineering, Google

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