Historic car sales in April 2020

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One of the important things we learned during this pandemic situation is that you don’t necessarily need a 6-figure sales a month to create history. Zero with a capital Z sales can also create a history. And, that’s exactly what happened with the country’s largest carmaker.

For the first time ever, Maruti Suzuki India Limited sold zero vehicles in the domestic market in April 2020, due to the nation-wide lockdown that came into effect late March 2020 and has been extending ever since. Meanwhile, following the resumption of port operations, 632 units were exported from the Mundra port (Gujarat).

The sales figures are more or less the same from other carmakers. Mahindra had no domestic sales in April 2020, however, 733 vehicles were exported last month.

Newcomers such as MG Motor didn’t sell any cars in April 2020 either. The SAIC-owned carmaker has resumed production in small scale since last week of April and hopes to ramp-up production this month.

While all this may seem obvious, it shows how serious the situation is.

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