New Mercedes-Benz S-Class Guard debuts with discreet looks


Mercedes-Benz appears to have secretly revealed the S 680 Guard — an armoured version of the W223 S-Class. Prices in Europe reportedly start at €547,400, and just to give you an idea, it is nearly six times more expensive than the base model (350d; €97,806) and more than twice the price of Maybach S 680 (€217,323) in Germany.

That much money gets you lots of protection, literally, with up to VPAM VR10 rating — the highest level of protection for a civilian vehicle. Just to compare, the BMW X5 Protection has a VR6 rating. Meaning the Guard can withstand some serious attacks with all types of bullets and explosive blasts. Visually, the S 680 Guard tries its best to look discreet with normal badges, but to an auto expert, those relatively fat tyres and small wheels are a tip-off. The Michelin PAX run-flat tires can reportedly last for up to 30 km (19 mi) after a puncture.

Hydraulically operated windows and an onboard oxygen supply system are some of the other features. Notice some special controls in the centre console for what appears to be alarms, communication, and oxygen.

The S-Class Guard is badged S 680 4Matic, which means there’s a 6.0L (5,980 cc) V12 biturbo powerplant under the hood, the same one that powers the Maybach S 680 4Matic, but slightly detuned. The gearbox and the steering have been recalibrated to better handle the enormous extra weight.

Sources: Motor1, R&T

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