Bugatti finds its first Southeast Asian home in Singapore


Apparently, during the pandemic, many ultra-high net worth individuals chose to move and stay in Singapore for lengthy periods or settle permanently—thanks to the city-state’s stable economy, further boosting the regional economy and the demand for luxury goods. Which is why Bugatti decided to find its first Southeast Asian home in Singapore.

Established in partnership with Wearnes Automotive, the Singapore showroom is Bugatti’s third showroom in Asia after Tokyo and Hong Kong. The showroom—located at 45 Leng Kee Road—about 7 km from Marina Bay Sands, is part of a single Wearnes building that houses multiple luxury brands including Bentley, Rimac, Aston Martin, JLR, Alpine, Lotus and a few more.

The Chiron Pur Sport serves as a centerpiece at the new showroom. The Wearnes building also houses a new purpose-built workshop dedicated to Bugatti, with two expertly-trained Bugatti technicians who can fly to South Korea, Australia and New Zealand as well if needed.

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