Kia EV9 concept debuts in LA with boxy body & spacious cabin


While Hyundai is showcasing the Ioniq Seven concept at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show, its sister company Kia on the other side is showcasing the EV9 concept which looks a lot more interesting and practical than the aforementioned Ioniq concept. The EV9 is also built around the E-GMP platform.

The EV9’s boxy design and especially the front fascia kinda remind me of the Telluride. Looking at the “headlights”, one would wonder if Kia is borrowing Hyundai’s Perimetric Pixel design language, but according to Kia, the exterior adopts the Opposites United design language with Digital Tiger Face “grille”, while it is Water Element for the interior—partly due to the usage of recycled materials. One of the smooth features of the concept, literally, is retractable roof rails that retract into the roof when not in use, helping cut drag even more. And of course, the traditional wing mirrors are replaced with cameras.

That hood vent duct area is lined with solar panels which offer the drivers an alternative source of energy when they are not close to a charging station. For those interested to know the dimensions, the EV9 concept measures 194-inches (4,928 mm) long, 81-inches (2,057 mm) wide, 70-inches (1,778 mm) tall, and boasts a wheelbase of 122-inches (3,099 mm). It rides on 22-inch aerodynamic wheels.

Inside, the dashboard is dominated by a gigantic 27-inch ultra-wide display, and notice illuminated touch buttons in the middle of the dashboard, which will most likely blend into the surface and stay hidden when the vehicle is off—just like in the Nissan Ariya. And unlike the Ioniq Seven, the EV9 has steering—albeit not a traditional wheel.


Recycled fishnets have been used for flooring material and seating fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled wool fibers. Also, “vegan leather” has been used generously throughout the interior space.

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