Mazda Miata made of chocolate is impressively detailed


That special someone saying “yes” to going out with you on a date is already an incredible feeling, right? I mean, what could possibly make it even better? Because at that moment, it feels like you don’t want nothin else on this planet. Just you and them smiling and gazing at each other. But what if you and that love interest of yours share common interests, especially about cars? Perhaps you can celebrate it with some chocolates. Not just any chocolate though, how about a Mazda Miata RF chocolate?

As a St. Valentine’s Day special, Mazda collaborated with Tokyo-based pastry chef Kenta Hasegawa to create an impressively detailed Miata RF (Retractable Fastback) made of chocolate. It’s not just the exterior body we’re talking about here. As you can probably see, the chocolate box contains parts including the driveshaft, gearbox, suspension components, exhaust system, wheels, dashboard, and of course, seats. Understandably, the roof mechanism doesn’t work, but notice the logos made of white chocolate.

That said, this edible Mazda Miata RF was not offered for sale. I guess you could say it’s a one-off, and it probably took plenty of time for Kenta-san to create just one. It was probably a unique way for Mazda to celebrate Valentine’s Day with this special, chocolatey collaboration. But if it was offered for sale, would you eat it?

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