Toyota Aygo X Undercover debuts with a chaotic balance


As you know, Toyota launched the Aygo X in Europe as a successor to the Aygo in November 2011. Well, now it has got a special edition called the Aygo X Undercover—limited to 5,000 units. The special edition premiered at the Undercover Fall 2023 fashion show in Paris; just FYI, ‘Undercover’ is a fashion brand created by Japanese fashion designer Jun Takahashi.

The exterior of the car features a dual-tone paint scheme of two different shades of grey—light and dark—complemented with coral red accents. The 18-inch wheels are painted black, with a touch of coral red on two spokes. The roof features ‘Chaos’ on one side and ‘Balance’ on the other, suggesting that we all need to learn to balance our inner chaos—or some sh*t like that but I’m not sure. On the inside too, you see similar, chaotic stuff going on.

2023-Toyota-Aygo-X-Undercover_interior_seatsAygo X Undercover with some fashion models

But the theme Takahashi-san was going for was set in a semi-fictional world of Paris in Tokyo. A hidden city where, apparently, Harajuku underground culture meets the contemporary savoir-faire of Le Marais.

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