Nyobolt EV concept can be recharged in just 6 minutes


That’s what they said.

As you know, one of the biggest challenges still prevailing when it comes to mass adoption of EVs is the charging times. Although it has significantly reduced, thanks to DC public fast-charging stations, it is still not as quick as refueling with petrol or diesel. However, UK-based battery technology startup Nyobolt hopes to change that.

The company is showcasing an EV concept—designed in collaboration with renowned designer Julian Thomson and also with Ian Callum’s firm Callum. And yes, the design inspiration comes from the Lotus Elise; I mean, this is probably how an all-electric Elise would’ve looked like.

But the topic is not about the car itself. Nyobolt claims that the concept has a new 35 kWh battery that is smaller and lighter (than conventional ones) and can also be fully recharged in just 6 minutes, plus, offers a range of up to 250 km (155 mi).


Nyobolt goes on to claim that the aforementioned charging speed can be achieved with existing charging infrastructure, and that 6-min charging speed is possible repeatedly. The company doesn’t go in-depth on its battery technology but says that it has tested its batteries for over 2,000 fast charge cycles without significant performance loss.

Nyobolt aims to commence production in early 2024. The company further adds that it is not limiting itself to small battery packs, but batteries as large as those employed in any luxury EV, truck or bus used today, can also be made and could be charged in a few minutes, once 1 MW chargers become available.

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