2024 Hyundai Santa Fe shows off its defensive styling


If anything we’ve learned from new BMWs and Hyundais is that the more polarising designs you make, the longer you remain a subject of conversation—on social media platforms or at pubs & cafés. I’m not entirely sure if that’s the reason why the new BMWs and Hyundais look the way they look, but an old South Park episode on social media suggests that might be the case. But anyway, we’re looking at the 5th-gen Hyundai Santa Fe here, and has it started the conversation yet?

Of course, it has. It has started a fire🔥 on social media; people are questioning why it looks like a certain British SUV. I’m not entirely sure why it looks the way it looks, but Hyundai defends it by saying that the new Santa Fe has a great road presence “with a strong and unique exterior design”. Its boxy styling is complemented with H-shaped light signatures front and rear.

The photos here show two different variants, with the bronze-painted model wearing HTRAC (AWD) and 2.5T badges on its tailgate, hinting at the powertrain under the hood. You can also notice that the bronze model has all black pillars and black 21-inch wheels.

Inside, there’s more than sufficient space for both traveling and relaxing—or at least that’s what these photos suggest. Hyundai claims that the SUV’s boxy exterior styling delivers the best-in-class terrace-like space inside, which is probably true. But anyway, the dashboard, centre console and most of the panels inside have straight lines or boxy themes—matching the exterior styling. A curved panel (one of the very few curved elements inside) behind the steering wheel houses two 12.3-inch displays.


Materials used include soft-touch wood-patterned garnishes and Nappa leather for seats. The suede headliner, floor mats, and second- and third-row seatbacks are made from recycled plastic, while the crash pad and door trim covers are made from eco-friendly leatherette.


Further details are reserved for August 2023, but I guess most of the important stuff is already out there. I mean, if the design is accepted, more than half of the battle is already ₩on, right?

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