Lamborghini Urus SE debuts with a new face and 800 e-horses


Lamborghini’s super-successful super-SUV Urus has got a new variant called the Urus SE. No, I don’t think the name has anything to do with the iPhone SE, but my guess is that the name ‘SE’ stands for Urus S Electrified. But anyway, the Urus SE packs a plug-in hybrid powertrain, offering more horses than the Urus Performante, making this the most powerful Urus ever.

The Urus SE looks a bit different, isn’t it? Thanks to some styling revisions, it appears a bit stretched and low-slung compared with the Urus S and Urus Performante. There are new matrix LED headlights, a subtly redesigned front bumper, redesigned bonnet, and if you walk toward the back of the car, you’ll notice that the tailgate has been redesigned as well with the license plate housing now moved to the bumper. There are new wheel designs with sizes ranging from 21- to 23-inches, all paired with Pirelli P Zero tyres. Scorpion Winter 2 tyres are optionally available for the cold season. Carbon ceramic discs come standard, with the front measuring 440 mm and the rear measuring 410 mm (rear 40 mm larger than the other two Uruses).

With the introduction of this new variant, the color palette has been expanded to include Arancio Egon (orange) in combination with Arancio Apodis (orange) interior, and Bianco Sapphirus (white) with Terra Kedros (terracotta) interior.

Lamborghini says that the Urus SE’s styling revisions are not just visual but have also improved aerodynamics and therefore better cooling for brakes and other components. Brakes cooling is claimed to be 30% improved over the previous system, while the rear downforce is up by 35% at high speeds compared with the Urus S—thanks to the new spoiler and diffuser.

Thanks to the added complexities of a plug-in hybrid powertrain, the Urus SE weighs significantly more than the Urus S (kerb weight: 2,197 kg/4,843.5 lbs). According to reports, the SE is at least 300 kg (661 lbs) heavier. Which means its air suspension and chassis control systems needed to be re-calibrated to account for that extra weight. Depending on the selected driving mode, the air springs adjust for ground clearance, with travel ranging from 15 mm in Corsa to up to 75 mm when the lift system is activated.

Interestingly, the idea of a plug-in hybrid Urus was pitched by then R&D chief Reggiani even before the SUV’s original debut. The PHEV is a combo of a 4.0L V8 biturbo petrol engine and a permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor integrated into the ZF 8-speed torque converter automatic transmission. A 25.9 kWh lithium-ion battery pack (prismatic cells) is located at the back—underneath the load floor and right above the electronically-controlled rear differential.

The ICE offers 456 kW (620 metric hp) at around 6,000 rpm and 800 Nm (590 lb-ft) between 2,250 and 4,500 rpm, while the e-motor is rated at 141 kW (192 metric hp) at 3,200 rpm and 483 Nm (356 lb-ft). The system power output, however, is limited to 588 kW (800 metric hp). The 0-100 km/h (62 mph) sprint time is claimed to be 3.4 seconds—which unsurprisingly is 0.1 seconds slower than the Urus Performante despite having significantly more horsepower. But if you compare it to the Urus S, the SE is 0.1 seconds quicker. But anyway, the official top speed is 312 km/h (194 mph).

Debuting on the Urus SE is a new centrally-located longitudinal electric torque vectoring system with an electro-hydraulic multi-plate clutch, which distributes torque variably and continuously between the front and rear axles. The transfer case works with the rear e-LSD, offering on-demand “oversteer”.

Of course, the Urus SE gets an EV mode as well, which is claimed to offer an all-electric range of over 60 km (37 mi). Key highlights on the inside include a 12.3-inch digital cluster, a 12.3-inch central touchscreen, and another display for your climate stuff. The infotainment system also includes a telemetry system.

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