Recap: Renault Eolab Concept – Auto Expo 2016

Renault showcased their Eolab concept at Auto Expo 2016. Its a plug-in hybrid car built with one aim and one aim only. To achieve extremely low fuel consumption. Just 1 litre for 100 KM. It was actually the French Government that had asked Renault to develop a highly fuel efficient car, something that consumes 2 litres for 100 KM. Renault did it even better. The formula for this is light weight construction  and improved aerodynamics. There has been extensive usage of aluminium and magnesium and as a result, the roof weighs just 4.5 kg and the whole car weighs just under 400 kilograms.

And the car has moving parts such as the side flaps, which act as fins contributing to the fuel economy. Under the hood, the Eolab has 1.0 litre, 3 cyl petrol engine producing 74 bhp and an electric motor that produces 64 bhp. Transmission is by 3 speed automatic gearbox and the car has front wheel drive layout. There’s one more cool feature. You just have to swipe on the LEDs on the doors to open. Watch the video embedded above and also, check out the pics and let me know what do you think about Renault Eolab in the comments down below and don’t forget to hit subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t already!

Key Specs – 
Engine: 1.0 litre 3 cyl petrol (74bhp), electric motor (64bhp)
Transmission: 3 Speed Auto, Front Wheel Drive
CO2: 22g/KM
0-62 MPH: 9.0 Seconds

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