Best looking Isuzu D-Max V-Cross yet?

So, the reason I think this is the best looking D-Max V-Cross is not because of its chrome accents. In fact, the chrome on this one isn’t really too much compared to what we’ve seen on some cars. Some people apply chrome to the entire window line and even to the door visors.


This particular one looks the best because of its after-market alloy wheels and those chunky off-road tires. Those sharp twin-spokes go so well with the jet black color of the vehicle, and combine that with the sharp chrome on the door handles, the whole package makes the vehicle look incredibly aggressive.


Chrome package and the door visors are available as dealer accessories. The box on this one is a Carryboy brand, not sure if that’s the brand available as a dealer accessory. Adding to the aggressive looks are those red bits.


Finally, a parting shot. This D-Max V-Cross is not overdone, but not subtle either; it has just the right mix of black and chrome. That’s why I think this is the best looking one.

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