Aston Martin Valkyrie’s near-production look

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For those who were wondering about the extreme design of the Aston Martin Valkyrie, previously known as AM-RB 001, recent photos on the social media gives an idea of the production look.

These photos were taken at the Aston Martin Art of Living event in Monaco, attended by celebs, customers and prospects. In the picture with Serena Williams, we can see that the car has production headlamps, which appear to be LEDs. We can also have a glimpse of the interiors, where we can see the bucket seats.

Here in this picture, we can see the Valkyrie’s massive diffuser. Also, notice the LED tail lamps, wing and the exhaust.

A better front picture of the production version. It is still hard to believe its a road-legal car.

And that’s how the door opens, you’ll have to haul yourself into that carbon fibre tub.

Steering with an integrated display, and two more displays, the right one for the rear view camera. Not sure if this is the final production look. Notice how closely the passenger sits.

Not too long ago, Aston Martin announced the details of the hypercar, which is being developed in association with the Red Bull. The Valkyrie will feature a 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 by Cosworth, paired to a 7-speed paddle-shift by Ricardo. Power output is expected to be over 1000 hp. More details are available in the link above.

A maximum of 150 road going versions will be built, including all prototypes, with 25 additional track-only versions. Deliveries next year.

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