BMW and Rimac announce a long-term partnership


As you might know, Rimac not only sells finished products (cars) but also all the associated stuff (technology, know-how, expertise/consultancy, etc). What that means is, if you’re a carmaker who can’t quite figure out the battery technology or needs help with the EV architecture, well, Rimac is where you could go to find solutions. More specifically, Rimac Technology, a subsidiary under Rimac Group, deals with EV consulting business.

And so, BMW Group and Rimac Technology have announced a long-term partnership “to co-develop and co-produce innovative solutions in the field of high-voltage battery technology for selected battery-electric vehicles”.

Neither company bothered to share any details of this collaboration in their press release, but I guess it’s safe to assume that future BMW EVs will have Rimac parts—specifically tailored to these upcoming vehicles. Rimac’s solutions to BMW would include high-voltage battery packs, e-axles, related electronics, and of course, software. BMW wants more than half of its global sales to be BEVs before 2030. *sigh*

But anyway, the photos above are of the under-construction €200+ million Rimac Campus. Located about 16 km (10 mi) from Zagreb city centre and spread across an area of 208,000 m2 (51 acres), the campus is designed to employ 2,500+ people. In addition to R&D, vehicle assembly areas, and a showroom, the campus will have a large restaurant and a kindergarten with semi-open spaces for children.

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