Volkswagen partners with Nvidia for artificial intelligence (AI)


Back in in 2014, Volkswagen had established a Data Lab in Munich for research on AI and machine learning, which became the Group’s center of excellence. The lab will now get assistance from Nvidia, to further expand its competence in the field of deep learning.

Volkswagen says, specialists are exploring the possibilities to use deep learning in corporate processes and in the field of mobility services. For example, they are developing new procedures for optimizing traffic flow in cities. Advanced AI systems are also among the prerequisites for developments such as intelligent human-robot cooperation.

Dr. Martin Hofmann, CIO of the Volkswagen Group, says: “Artificial intelligence is the key to the digital future of the Volkswagen Group. We want to develop and deploy high-performance AI systems ourselves. This is why we are expanding our expert knowledge required. Cooperation with Nvidia will be a major step in this direction.”

“AI is the most powerful technological force of our era,” says Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia. “Thanks to AI, data centers are changing dramatically and enterprise computing is being reinvented. Nvidia’s deep learning solutions will enable Volkswagen to turn the enormous amounts of information in its data centers into valuable insight, and transform its business.”

In addition, VW has established a startup support program at its Data Lab. The program will provide technical and financial support for international startups developing machine learning and deep learning applications for the automotive industry. Together with Nvidia, Volkswagen will be admitting five startups to the support program from this fall.

Both partners will also be launching a “Summer of Code” camp where high-performing students with qualifications in IT, mathematics or physics will have an opportunity to develop deep learning methods in teams and to implement them in a robotics environment.

In simplified terms, machine learning is an artificial system that identifies patterns on the basis of images or sensor data. Deep learning is a special method of machine learning that allows the highly effective and extremely reliable identification of patterns. With deep learning, laws can be derived from these patterns, allowing decisions and predictions to be made. High-performance computing capacity is essential for deep learning, added the official statement.

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