Volkswagen Arteon clicked by blind photographer Pete Eckert

As a part of its international marketing campaign, Volkswagen has got the blind American photographer Pete Eckert to answer a question. The design of the new Arteon leaves a lasting impression. But can it also be felt by someone who can’t see it?

Pete was born sighted but halfway through his life, he went totally blind. He works with his other senses: sound, touch and memory. By these senses, he builds images in his mind. He uses long exposures and colored light to create unique effects around the Arteon.


Before he went blind, he was preparing his master’s degree in architecture at Yale. But the diagnosis and the ultimate loss of his sight didn’t stop him from teaching himself photography. With the help of his analog camera, different flash lights and his color palette, he has developed a unique visual language.

Below are the images clicked by him. Listen to his story.

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