One year of demonetisation – A dealership story


While sipping this cappuccino, i thought i’d share a story. Not something that i like to do or good at, but today is November 8. So, here it goes –

Saturday mornings are beautiful, and i always like to spend it by filming a new car. One such Saturday, for a change, i decided to meet a friend instead.

He worked at a dealership, and now has started his own venture. Naturally, at some point we started to talk about cars. Specifically, about his car and the color choice in particular.

You know, in dealerships, if the color of your choice isn’t available at the moment, the sales person will persuade you into buying the available color (at the stockyard). That color will fade soon or it wont match you or the bird c**p stains will not go.. you know, whatever. Interestingly, the color topic led to demonetization topic. He shared his experience during the time of demonetization which happened a year ago.

He said that people who had a lot of cash came to his dealership, and just wanted to pick a car. That’s a natural thing at dealership, but the color didn’t matter, they were like “just give me whatever you have” (at the stockyard).

Well, if you still didn’t get it, the people just wanted to convert their money into something. And the dealer had to sell the vehicle with previous dates.

Remember, this is just one dealer story. And i said “something” before, that means other than cars, the cash has been converted into something else.

What we can understand here is that the “demonetization”, which was claimed for getting rid of black money, actually created an alternate black market. And that alternate black market wasn’t limited to cars, but also for exchanging old-to-new notes and what not.

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