Tesla Model X lands in India

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India might have lost to China for the first Tesla factory outside US, but the country’s first Tesla has landed in Mumbai in the form of Model X. Reportedly, Prashant Ruia of Essar Group has imported the vehicle for his personal use.


The electric crossover can be had in 5, 6 or 7 seat configuration. Looking at the images that is being circulated on social media, the purple Model X appears to be a 6-seater. The SUV is rather known for its falcon wing doors and panoramic windshield.

The Model X is a dual motor AWD SUV, and comes in 3 variants – 75D, 100D, and P100D. The top-spec model gets 100 kWh battery pack and has 289 mile (465 km) range (EPA) and a top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h). 0-60 mph acceleration happens in 2.9 seconds. It gets several options including Ludicrous Speed Upgrade.

The Model X in the pictures here appears to be the base 75D with 75 kWh battery pack and 237 mile (around 380 km) range. Smart Air Suspension with GPS memory comes as standard.

Pretty much every features of the vehicle is controlled via 17-inch portrait style touchscreen. Tesla vehicles get over-the-air software updates to add features and enhance performance. Options include Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Capability, priced at $6,000 and $4,000 respectively.

Active safety technologies, including collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking comes as standard.

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