FCA India to replace the Compass that suffered suspension failure


In case you missed it, two days ago, a Jeep Compass customer faced a suspension failure just 3 hours after the delivery. Jayanta Phukan from Guwahati shared his disappointment on social media, which went viral.

Phukan said that he drove the car for just 3 hrs/172 km before the incident happened.

FCA India has issued a statement – “The FCA customer service team attended to Mr. Phukan as soon as we were informed about the incident and we resolved the issue within 24 hours. We are investigating this incident thoroughly and are not aware of any other instances. Nonetheless, we are immediately reviewing and reinforcing our quality assurance activities to further ensure the quality of our vehicles in the marketplace.”


Phukan, responding to a comment said that the customer care responded quickly and is ready to replace the vehicle.

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