Bugatti Chiron gets telemetry system for real-time support


When a Bugatti Chiron customer received a call from Molsheim, he did not know that the front left tyre’s pressure was no longer ideal. However, the service technician was already informed and suggested the owner that he needs to correct the tyre pressure before his next trip with the 1,500 PS super sports car. He could do that despite working almost 6,000 km away from the car.


All thanks to the telemetry system that maintains communication between the vehicle and Bugatti customer service round-the-clock, all seven days of the week. The only condition is that the customer needs to give their consent in advance, and the vehicle needs to be in an area with mobile phone network.

The data is transmitted on a real-time basis, a feature that is normally only implemented on Formula 1 or DTM racing cars, where the race team mechanics can monitor their cars from the pits.

Hendrik Malinowski, Director of Sales and Operations Molsheim, Bugatti, says – “This is a highly personal concierge service of the type you normally only find in luxury hotels.”

The telemetry system allows two-way communication, not only from the Bugatti to the customer service centre but also vice versa. Customer Service can transmit data to the vehicle in order to change configurations or, to a certain extent, to carry out software updates.

The system keeps a close eye on about 10,000 signals from all parts of a car, including engine, transmission, lights, air conditioning and infotainment system. Live data from any location on earth takes no longer than a text message to reach Bugatti. The Bugatti “Flying Doctors” don’t always need to watch their monitors. If unusual signals are received from a vehicle, the responsible flying doctor receives a message on his mobile phone.


Speaking of “flying doctors”, Bugatti has 3 of them. In the photo above is Edouard Klein, who is available round-the-clock and ready to take the next flight at any time to provide support for a customer’s vehicle if the advice over a telephone is not possible. From the moment a customer takes delivery of his Bugatti, the flying doctor is his direct contact for all technical questions.

Bugatti claims to be the first automobile manufacturer to apply telemetry to a passenger car, the Veyron 16.4. Norbert Uffmann, a 43-year-old communications technician is responsible for the development of the telemetry system at Bugatti. Uffmann holds a degree in electrical engineering and has been working for Bugatti’s Technical Development Department for 6 years.

Uffmann and his team is supported by IAV, Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr, a long-standing development partner of Bugatti located in the North of Germany, which has been involved in the system from the beginning.

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