This Porsche 911 Shooting Brake render makes you sad

Rain Prisk

Remember one of those moments when you saw someone ask out their crush in a cutest way possible, and then they say “that was so cute, but i’m so sorry i’m in a relationship..”, and then the whole thing turns from cute to sad and then a bit awkward?


Yea, this is one those situations. This Porsche 911 Shooting Brake rendering based on the new generation 911 looks so good that it makes you sad because it’ll never be a reality. While it does seem to offer more cargo space and practicality, there seems to be no space for that flat-six motor and other hardware. The 911 has a committed layout as we all know.

But hey, wait a minute. What if i made you think of in-wheel electric motors and floor housed battery pack? 😉

Renderings by: Rain Prisk

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