From 70 to 17: Porsche Type 64 auction goes horribly wrong

RM Sotheby’s expected the Porsche Type 64 to fetch at least $20 million at the auction during this year’s Monterey Car Week, but ended up not selling at all due to what appears to be pronunciation issues.

The auctioneer begins by giving a brief introduction of the Type 64 about how it was the very first car to have a Porsche name and how it was personally driven by both Dr. Ferdinand Porsche and his son Ferry Porsche. The bid starts at what sounds like $30 million (first time it sounds “thirteen” and then sounds “thirty” when repeated) and the same gets displayed on the screens while the crowd applauds.

In no time, the number reaches to a ridiculous $70+ million and the crowd continues to cheer. Then, all of a sudden, the auctioneer starts to repeat “seventeen” several times probably realizing that the increments were getting posted incorrectly. It seems like the bid was supposed to start at $13 million.

RM Sotheby’s released a statement – “As bidding opened on the Type 64, increments were mistakenly overheard and displayed on the screen, causing unfortunate confusion in the room. This was in no way a joke or prank on behalf of anyone at RM Sotheby’s, rather an unfortunate misunderstanding amplified by the excitement in the room. The auction was not canceled. The car reached a high bid of $17 million.”

The auction house couldn’t sell the Type 64 and is still listed for sale.

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