Bentley Flying Spur Interior: Behind The Scenes

While it’s obvious that a luxury limousine interior will have one of the most complex combination of materials, stitching and other stuff, Bentley says that the new Flying Spur features the most complex interior in the brand’s history.

An employee must undergo a minimum of 5 months of training under Bentley’s Master Trainers in order to achieve the skills and techniques required to craft a Bentley’s interior to the highest possible standards. Around 350 unique leather pieces and over 3 km of thread are required to complete a Flying Spur interior; each passes through the hands of 141 Bentley craftspeople.

Bentley-Flying-Spur-interior-employee-stitchingChelsea, one of the craftspeople at Bentley

All leather hides found in the interior of the Flying Spur are sourced from Northern European bulls, as by-products of the meat industry. Temperate climate zones ensure fewer parasites and naturally blemish free leather.

Bentley customers can choose from as many as 14 leather colors, which can be complemented by a vast selection of 23 different colors of contrast thread.


The Flying Spur’s steering wheel features 168 distinctive cross stitches, achieved through 5 meters of thread being precisely passed through 352 sew holes. A single steering wheel is hand stitched in 3½ hours by a skilled Bentley craftsperson, using a bespoke pair of needles.

A total of 5 separate types of sewing machines are used to achieve different thicknesses of thread throughout the cabin. For example, stitches around airbag components get a thinner thread to ensure safety remains a prime consideration.

The four seats of the new Flying Spur require a total of 12 hours to assemble by hand. The optional embroidered Bentley wings on the headrests, comprises of 5,103 individual stitches. Watch the behind the scenes video embedded above, it’s pretty satisfying.

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