2016 Volvo XC90 caught fire in India


A Volvo XC90 (MY 2016) with ~52,000 km on the odometer has caught fire and destroyed it beyond recognition in the Indian state of Gujarat on 13th February 2020. Fortunately, the occupants were already out of the car before the fire started.

Describing the incident, owner Rakesh Patel says that while driving towards the city of Ahmedabad from his hometown, the engine warning light started to flash and he pulled over to inspect. As a precautionary measure, he asked his daughter and wife to step out of the car. He alleges that before he could even check anything, the car started fuming and flames started gushing out of the car’s bonnet in a matter of seconds. All three occupants then ran away to safety.

Rakesh further adds that he later learned online about a global recall that Volvo had issued in 2019 over fire concerns, and Volvo India didn’t notify him on the same. He maintains that the car was properly taken care of and regularly serviced.

In July 2019, Volvo had recalled over 500,000 vehicles (manufactured between 2014 to 2019) globally to replace a plastic engine intake manifold that could ignite fire in the engine bay.

While cars catching fire is not a brand-exclusive thing, it goes on to show how modern cars are super complicated and are vulnerable to giving bitter experiences to its occupants like this one.

Source: Rakesh Patel

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