Apple’s dumb China-branded $699 wheels!


As some of you might know, Apple wants to try its luck in the automotive industry. Of course, not directly, but the company is working on autonomous technology that could be sold to carmakers in the future when it’s ready. But before that happens, someone at Apple seems to have come up with a “genius” idea to sell just some wheels.

The problem, of course, is that these wheels cost a whopping $699 and they’re tiny. Apparently, these wheels are for the 2020 Mac Pro. No, you can’t ride your Mac Pro to buy yourself a pitcher of milk, but just to occasionally re-position your Mac Pro at your home or office, which most of them aren’t even going to do either.

Look, I get it. These are super well-made wheels and it’s all about the “Apple branding” and hence the (ridiculous) price. But unfortunately, it’s not even that. The wheels kit comes with a hex tool that has ‘China’ branding on it and even the wheels themselves have ‘China’ branding on the rotating top joint.

Apple-Mac-Pro-wheels-China-brandingMarques Brownlee

I mean, you pay $699 for “Apple branded wheels” and in reality you get mf’n China branded wheels?! No offense to Apple users, but as someone commented on Marques video above, Apple could be testing how dumb their customers really are.

As Marques says, no one in their right mind should be buying these wheels. It’s all about Apple getting some attention.

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