This Rolls-Royce Supercar rendering looks convincing

Rain Prisk

I know, it’s pointless to have a Rolls-Royce “supercar”. Rendering artist Rain Prisk admits the same in his post that he couldn’t think of a single reason for something like this to exist. But hey, if you go back to 2015, the opinions were more or less the same about a Rolls-Royce SUV. And the rest as we all know, is history. Today, Cullinan makes a major contribution to the brand’s sales.

Well, not trying to say that it is going to be the same with a Rolls-Royce supercar or there are rumours floating around about a supercar with the Spirit of Ecstasy on its hood, but you’ll never fully know the internal matters of an organization, which is totally fine.

Either way, the rendering mixes the classic Rolls-Royce lines with a mid-engine layout. The doors appear to be rear-hinged and are rather small compared to the rest of the car’s body. For some reason, the rear fender and the overhang remind me of a Koenigsegg. You might also see some Audi R8 lines.


Back in 2016, Rolls-Royce had presented the 103EX, an all-electric-autonomous concept vehicle that imagines luxury travel far into the future. While it’s not a “supercar” or “sportscar” by any standards, it is, of course, Rolls-Royce’s take on a two-door “sporty” coupe of the future.

The supercar rendering might inspire some dedicated Rolls-Royce client to co-bespoke one, just like someone did with the Sweptail.

Rendering: Rain Prisk

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