2021 Geneva Motor Show gets cancelled too


The organizers of the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) have decided not to host the 2021 event as well. A survey was conducted where a majority of GIMS exhibitors stated that they would probably not participate in the 2021 edition and would rather prefer the show in 2022.

Considering the current health situation where the cases are still rising in some places, the organizers and exhibitors are obviously concerned about hosting an event that would attract more than 600,000 visitors and 10,000 journalists.

Immediately following the cancellation of GIMS in March 2020, the organizers requested the Canton of Geneva (state) for financial support to cover the losses caused by the cancellation of GIMS – estimated at 11 million Swiss francs, and to help prepare a new edition. At the beginning of June, the Grand Council approved a loan of 16.8 million Swiss francs. However, since the 2021 edition is not going to happen, the organizers have dropped the plan of taking any loan because if they did, they would be obliged to make a repayment of 1 million Swiss francs as early as June 2021, before having had an opportunity to generate funds.

In addition, the organizers are planning to sell the GIMS event itself to Palexpo SA – the owners of the convention centre where the event is held.

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