Bugatti Bolide & Chiron Super Sport catwalk into Milano Monza Motor Show


The one big advantage of an open-air motor show, besides the obvious cost thing, is that you don’t have to bother setting up expensive props. It’s even better when it happens in the centre of Milan, surrounded by beautiful architecture. The Milano Monza Motor Show (MIMO) which ran this weekend (from June 10 to 13), saw the public debut of several new models, including the ones from Bugatti.

Besides the Chiron Sport and Bolide concept, the Chiron Super Sport also made its debut. In addition to a static presentation, the Chiron Super Sport and the Bolide drove through the streets of Milan, showing themselves off to awestruck crowds. You can also notice the Huracan STO in the photos below.


“It feels fantastic to be presenting the new Chiron Super Sport live. Showcasing a new model in Ettore Bugatti’s birthplace is very meaningful to me. The Chiron Super Sport looks perfect in this setting of the Piazza del Duomo, and the famous Monza racetrack is nearby, too, even if it can’t show off its full potential there,” said Stephan Winkelmann, the President of Bugatti. Winkelmann also serves as the President & CEO of Lamborghini.

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