Jaguar Land Rover is developing a touch-free touchscreen


While it is true that this COVID-19 pandemic has caused unfathomable damages on a global scale, it has also opened up new opportunities. New Businesses are popping up offering home delivery of pretty much everything, for example. Remember the cliché – “necessity is the mother of invention”.

Also, the “new normal” in a post COVID-19 world needs new technologies to keep diseases in control. We already saw the upcoming S-Class interior which boasts AI-based touch free controls. Now, Jaguar Land Rover is showcasing a new contactless touchscreen technology known as ‛predictive touch’, developed in association with the University of Cambridge. It’s not an entirely new technology but an improvised version of something we’ve seen previously.

This technology also uses AI to determine the item the user intends to select on the screen, based on a gesture tracking system that uses vision-based or radio frequency-based sensors that are often found in consumer electronics (I know, you’re thinking of video games). The eye-gaze tracker determines the user’s intent in real-time.

As countries around the world exit lockdown, we notice how many everyday consumer transactions are conducted using touchscreens: railway or cinema tickets, ATMs, airport check-ins and supermarket self-service checkouts, as well as many industrial and manufacturing applications. Predictive touch technology eliminates the need to touch an interactive display and could, therefore, reduce the risk of spreading bacteria or viruses on surfaces. – Lee Skrypchuk, HMI Specialist, JLR

This software-based solution for contactless interactions has reached high technology readiness levels and can be seamlessly integrated into existing touchscreens and interactive displays, so long as the correct sensory data is available to support the machine learning algorithm, the company said.

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