Tesla driver in Germany fined for trying to set wiper speed via touchscreen

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One of the nonsense trends we’re seeing in the automotive industry these days is, of course, shoving pretty much everything into a giant touchscreen because apparently, it is a “cool thing” to do as it is modern technology. You don’t stop to think if this makes the User Experience better or efficient than the traditional ways. And, nobody does this better than Tesla. Its cars have got a laptop screen on the dashboard.

Tesla-Model-3-Novitec-InteriorModel 3

I mean, just look at that ridiculousness; there are barely any physical buttons or knobs. As if taking off the traditional knobs even to adjust fan speed and volume wasn’t bad enough, Tesla has shoved wiper speed adjustment as well into that touchscreen. This has reportedly got an individual in trouble in Germany, as he tried to adjust the wiper speed while driving in heavy rain and ended up ramming into trees. He has been fined €200 in addition to a one-month driving ban.

According to the court ruling, a permanently installed touchscreen is also an electronic device (it is, obviously), and the driver can only have a brief glance at it and not actually operate it while driving.

This ruling must serve as an alarm for the carmakers around the world to keep at least the essential controls out of the touchscreen. Because sometimes, the old ways are the best.

Source: Auto Motor Sport

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