Colorful Citroën AMIs show their love for Paris


Citroën is all set to launch the AMI quadricycle on Free2Move carsharing platform in Paris. More than 100 AMIs will be available on Free2Move from mid-September 2020. As part of the pre-launch marketing, 20 AMIs have been deployed in the city with “Ami ❤️ Paris” theme, with liveries representing 20 districts of the capital.

The design of these 20 unique vehicles was inspired by the stories and anecdotes of their inhabitants, Citroën said. Who better to narrate Paris than those who have lived there for years?

These 20 ambassadors include David Twose, artist in Montmartre; Maria Romualdo, building manager in Pigalle for 32 years; Francis Bonneau, room manager at Deux Magots restaurant in Saint-Germain-des-Prés; Martine Fabrègue, who works at Les Piaules youth hostel in Belleville; and Danny Levaux, boatman since his childhood on merchant ships and captain for 10 years on cruise ships, he introduces tourists to Paris from the Javel district.


Via Free2Move app, customers can book the nearest Ami for a few minutes, a few hours or for all day. Read more about the AMI here.

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