BMW and Mercedes-Benz display each other’s electric SUVs

The marketing/PR teams at BMW and Mercedes-Benz have once again showcased their true sportsmanship by basically promoting each other’s electric SUVs, in order to promote love and respect after a challenging year and as the Christmas celebration nears. Meaning, the BMW iX3 is displayed at Mercedes-Benz Munich and so is the EQC at BMW Welt.

As mentioned, it’s not the first time the German giants have displayed their true gentleman thing. In 2016, you might remember a short clip by Mercedes-Benz congratulating BMW when BMW turned 100. In 2019, BMW made a video tribute to Dieter Zetsche. And, when the new S-Class debuted in September 2020, BMW made a short, cheeky video congratulating Mercedes-Benz.

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