MBUX goes into Hyper mode for Mercedes-Benz EQS


Just when you thought that the folks at Mercedes-Benz have gone completely nuts with MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) in the new S-Class, wait until you see the EQS‘ dashboard. The upcoming all-electric flagship sedan will feature ‘MBUX Hyperscreen’, which includes a display even for the front passenger. I know, passenger displays are becoming common in sports cars these days, but I guess it’s kinda new on a luxury saloon.

The central and passenger displays are OLEDs. In all, the displays appear to sit flush within a durable glass cover. There are a total of 12 actuators beneath the touchscreen for haptic feedback. The system is powered by 8 CPU cores and 24 GB RAM, in case you’re wondering. Up to 7 profiles can be stored in the system.

As you might expect, the system offers AI-based personalized suggestions which the user can accept or reject. For example, if you always call a certain friend on the way home on Tuesday evenings, you will be reminded to make a call on that day of the week and at the same time. Or, if the EQS driver regularly uses the massage function according to the hot stone principle in winter, the system learns and automatically suggests the comfort function in wintry temperatures. Another useful function is for steep garage entrances; the MBUX remembers the GPS position at which the user activated the ‘Vehicle Lift-Up’ function and proposes to lift the EQS the next time.

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