Tesla Model S gets 1,100+ hp Plaid+ and new interior


Tesla has silently updated its flagship product, the Model S, for 2021. The variants have been revised as well with Long Range, Plaid and Plaid+, priced at $79,990, $119,990 and $139,990, respectively. What’s the difference between the Plaid we saw in October 2020 and the updated Plaid? Well, the Plaid now boasts a 0-60 mph (96.5 km/h) time of 1.99 seconds, while its horsepower quote is now 1,020 (760 kW), which is 80+ hp less than the previous quote.

The reason is all that 1,100+ hp is bestowed upon the new Plaid+ which boasts a 0-60 mph time of less than 1.99 seconds and 1/4 mile (~400 m) acceleration in under 9.0 seconds — claimed to be the quickest of any production car ever.

Also, the front bumper has been cleaned up and there are a new set of wheels too; the first two photos above feature the $4,500 21-inch ‘Arachnid’ wheels.

Compared to the exterior changes, the changes in the cabin are significant. There’s a new dashboard that kinda imparts a German flair into the cabin. The air vents are hidden somewhere in that dashboard. The portrait-style central screen has been replaced with a horizontal one, and of course, there’s a yoke-like new steering (wheel?!). It remains to be seen if this is the final production interior, as a yoke like this in a road car doesn’t seem legal or safe. The rear passengers get their own display.


All three variants continue to be all-wheel-drive, but the Plaid and Plaid+ boast three motors (two at the rear). The Long Range has an estimated range of 412 mi (663 km), while the Plaid and Plaid+ boast 390 mi (628 km) and 520+ mi (837+ km) estimated ranges, respectively. If you remember, the Plaid’s previous quote was over 520 mi, which has now been adjusted to Plaid+.

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