What was Mercedes-Benz EQS doing at Tesla’s Fremont factory?


That’s an interesting place to be, but not an unusual place

Although every new electric vehicle is annoyingly billed as a “Tesla rival” by both the amateurs and professionals in the media these days regardless of the type/bodystyle of the vehicle, the one new EV that maybe matches that phrase is the Mercedes-Benz EQS. Not saying that the Model S is as luxurious as the EQS, but still, I think it’s okay to consider both as rivals.

It appears that someone really wanted to compare them in person, as a lightly camouflaged EQS was spotted at the parking lot of Tesla’s Fremont factory in California, or maybe the driver just thought it’s pretty cool to park the EQS in front of a Tesla factory. Either way, it’s not surprising to see the EQS at Tesla’s property as both companies have partnered in the past for parts. It is also possible that Mercedes and Tesla are exploring a new potential collaboration for charging or parts sharing.

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